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August 2016

How to Groom a Horse

As magnificent, strong, and beautiful as horses are, they can be easily injured by incorrect grooming. A little negligence can cause your horse to contract sores, skin diseases, or lameness. Has it been a while since you’ve groomed a horse? Are you a first-time horse owner? If so, here’s simple, step-by-step instructions for grooming your horse.

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Grilling Fish Fillets & Steaks

Prep Your Grill

Since fish is delicate and breaks apart easily, thoroughly clean your grate before grilling by letting it sit on high heat for at least ten minutes. Also, you can rub the grill with oil multiple times to further prevent sticking. You might even consider using a fish basket or wrapping the meat in foil. For more info on how to clean your grill before and after grilling, read “Outdoor Cooking Tips.”

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Arizona State Fair 2017

Mark your calendars — the Arizona State Fair is scheduled to return to Phoenix
October 6th – 29th 2017!

This year’s State Fair is sure to please with its variety of attractions and performances for people of all ages. Fair goers can explore the history of Rock n’ Roll at Rock U: The Institute of Rock N’ Roll. Kids can also learn more about food in the Edible Journey Interactive Exhibit from the Purdue University Traveling Exhibit Program.

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Utah State Fair

The Utah State Fair will be returning to Salt Lake City September 7th -17th 2017

This year’s fair will host Utahs Own Pro Rodeo, the Day of Wreaking Demolition Derby and  The Monster Truck Insanity Tour with feature performances by Locash. There will also be a barrel racing series as well as kids’ pedal tractor pull as well juggling, comedy, and magic acts. Kids can also enjoy a variety of activities just for them, ranging from “Little Hands on the Farm,” where they can be a farmer for a day, to a Cookie Contest with the first prize of $75.

Check out all the events >

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Eastern Idaho State Fair 2016

It’s that time of year again! The East Idaho State Fair will return to the Blackfoot area September 1-9 2017.

The fair will feature a number of events including Pari-Mutuel & Indian Relays, a Bull Riding Championship, an RMP Tractor Pull, a Demolition Derby, a Professional Rodeo and even a performance by Chris Janson and Lee Brice!

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Canning Basics

Do You Have The Canning Basics Covered?

Canning or jamming is the process of preserving food. It’s a great way to save on groceries, build food storage, and have home-grown vegetables deep into winter. Not only will it help you save on your grocery bill, but it can be a fun activity that brings the whole family together. It’s not hard to learn, either — we’ll give you the basics.

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BBQ Ribs on a Gas Grill

Summer’s starting to wrap up! If you’ve been waiting for the perfect day to grill up ribs for the family, don’t wait too much longer or you’ll miss your window. Barbecuing ribs can be an intimidating undertaking, especially if you’re preparing them on a gas grill. If you’re a novice and want to give it a try before summer’s over, here’s a few simple steps for you to follow. Continue reading “BBQ Ribs on a Gas Grill”

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