Trek Supply List For Pioneer Excursions

The purpose of this blog is to provide a sort of “Trek Supply List” for everything you might need while hiking–or trekking–through the great outdoors, specifically a Pioneer Youth Trek.

Like anything else, if you’re planning ahead for your Pioneer Trek Supply there probably are various items that are especially relevant to your success.  of importance you’re going to want to make sure you have with you before you leave that every pioneer trekker needs. Stay tuned while we cover the basics of what you can find at C-A-L Ranch Stores.

Weather and the Elements

Sun and Wind Protection
Another item you want to bring along is sunscreen. No one enjoys a sunburn! It cuts down on your fun in the sun and can also lead to more serious complications later. To help prevent that, we have sunscreen to meet any requirements. Did you know that your lips can even get sunburned? Grab some lip balm/chapstick to help prevent that discomfort.



A sunburn is not the only burn you need to prepare for. Wind burns can be just as painful and irritating as a sunburn. Bandannas are a great companion to fight off the wind, dust, and bugs from attacking your face and getting into your mouth. C-A-L Ranch offers many options, functional and fashionable, in the bandanna department!


Warmth and Comfort at Night

The weather can drastically change during the night. Packing a good quality sleeping bag is essential during those frigid night hours. Dressing in layers and with high-quality socks is also recommended because it is handy to have layers to take away or add when needed. Socks also provide support and protection for your feet against blistering and other injuries.  Your hands need to be healthy to help you throughout the trek.  A good pair of gloves can provide protection for your hands from the elements and the work you may be asked to help with.

Sleeping Bag:

Rain Protection
You may want to grab a poncho or two to avoid getting soaked to the bone on those rainy, gloomy days. Garbage bags provide a place for your trash to avoid littering, but they can also help shield your belongings from getting wet or serve as a makeshift rain poncho.  You can use plastic sheeting also known as “Visqueen” to serve as a ground cloth and shelter from the rain.

Rain Poncho > Rain Ponchos:


Garbage Bags:

Food and Eating 

Keep your body nourished by packing easily accessible snacks and food for your time outdoors. Prolonged physical activity is strenuous on the body. Being well-fed will help you stay active longer and be healthier, too. Your Trek Supply List should include dehydrated foods which are great snack items to have on hand that will keep you active!

Eating Utensils
Don’t forget durable eating utensils on your Trek Supply list.  A simple tin cup, metal pie plate, a fork, spoon, and knife is all you need to make sure when they yell dinnertime!  You’re ready to go.

Metal Pie Plate:


Tin Cups:


Tools and First Aid
Whether you need to cut a rope, a pocket knife will come in handy while adventuring. C-A-L Ranch provides a large selection of fishing equipment as well as several types of pocket knives, depending on your specific wants and needs. A good strong rope may be a useful tool for you during your Trek experience for multiple reasons. We carry a wide assortment of rope types and diameters to fit your every need.  Plus, if there are any small accidents with your pocket knife, C-A-L Ranch also carries first aid kits!

Pocket Knives:

First Aid Kit:



Trek Apparel for Men and Boys
Since a trek is a re-enactment of the pioneer’s struggle to move west period clothing is sometimes worn.  However, modern day clothing in the same style as those of the pioneers are more often worn because period clothing is usually handmade.  These might include straw hats, plaid shirts, jeans, suspenders and boots for men.

shirts > 
Suspenders >
Pants & Jeans > 

Gloves >


The trek is all about walking a long distance in a short time.  A good quality well fitting shoe or boot will go a long way to making your trek experience much more enjoyable.  Don’t make the mistake of getting new boots the day before you leave.  Tip > Make sure you break in your new boots ahead of time or your feet will start talking no more like yelling at you in the form of sore feet, blisters, or potential foot wounds.

Hiking & Work Boots >

Video: How to break in hiking boots >

Wikihow – 14 steps to break in hiking boots >

Women’s & Girls Socks

Men’s and Boys Socks

Miscellaneous Items

Storage Containers
This Trek supply packing list is quite long and you will be expected to many of what was mentioned and more in a handcart. Backpacks or a 5-gallon bucket with a lid will protect your gear from the rain and the sun and could provide you with plenty of room for your gear.

5 Gallon Buckets & Accessories:

Insect Protection
Your Trek experience will provide fresh air and beautiful sights but it also could mean insects. No matter if you are an insect-lover or an insect-hater, bug spray is necessary to avoid bug bites. Insects can carry many diseases and cause unpleasant irritation to the skin. Be safe and avoid becoming a snack for insects by picking up a bottle of bug spray at your local C-A-L Ranch. Most importantly, do not forget to use it during your outdoor adventures.

Bug Spray:

Hydration Containers
When you spend time outdoors, hydration equals survival so your trek supply should consist of water containers.  Regardless of skill, experience, or fitness, hiking under the blazing sun can dehydrate you quickly and lead to more serious complications including heat stroke. C-A-L Ranch offers many types of water bottles! They come in different shapes, sizes, and varieties to help keep you hydrated and combat the negative effects of exposure to the sun.

Water Bottle:

We are your one stop shop for all things Trek-related. You can pick up all of these items at your local C-A-L Ranch store.  If you need it, C-A-L Ranch has it and more.