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Readiness Guide for Eclipse 2017

Eclipse 2017 on Aug 21st is fast approaching and Star gazers across the country will be headed towards their preferred viewing destination.  Not sure where to go to get the best view of Eclipse 2017?  Here is a map from NASA showing where the path of totality will happen from Oregon on the West Coast across to South Carolina in the on the East Coast.  Where are you heading to get your view of this galactic phenomenon?


In the Path of Total Darkness
C-A-L Ranch Stores is headquartered in Idaho Falls, Idaho and it just happens to be that this area commonly referred to as Southeast Idaho is going to be right smack in the middle of the path of the “path of totality for the upcoming Eclipse 2017.  So our staff there is pretty excited to witness this phenomenon first hand.  We have 4 stores fairly close the eclipse path with our Rexburg Idaho, and two directly in the path of “complete totality” of the eclipse.  It is estimated that as many as 500,000 – 750,000 people will converge on Southeastern Idaho for the eclipse.  That’s quite the crowd, to say the least.

Cities that live in the path of total darkness

eclipse 2017

Eclipse 101 – What does the term “totality” mean in terms of Eclipse 2017?
“Totality” is a term used to describe the amount of eclipse one might see depending on their location to the path of the eclipse.  Complete totality = 100% block or eclipse outside of what is called the Corona or the outline of light you can expect to see ringing the moon during a total eclipse of the sun and those that are there should be able to view the star lit sky in the middle of the day, unlike any view they have ever seen before.  That is exciting!  It only safe to view the eclipse with your naked eye at the point of totality.  Only when the sun is completely blocked.  Previous and afterward eye protection is required.

Find out “what will I see during a total eclipse of the sun?

How to view Eclipse 2017 safely
It is vital that you wear official eye protection when viewing the eclipse.    Never look directly at the Sun during the eclipse with your naked eye. because of the irreparable damage, you can sustain by doing so. You can find approved eclipse glasses at your local CAL Ranch Store

Here is some great safety information for you. >

eclipse 2017

Where to view eclipse 2017?
Want to get away from it all and camp off the grid style during the event?  Here are ideas from multiple parts of the country along the path of totality.

Ideas for viewing Eclipse 2017 that are off the beaten path >

History of a Solar Eclipse in the United States
Eclipse 2017 won’t be a first but it will be one of the few times this has happened in the United States in recorded history.  The last being 1991.

Learning and Education for Eclipse 2017
There’s a ton of great information on the Internet if you want to learn more about Eclipse 2017.  We have compiled a list for you of some of the best informational and interactive websites we have come across to help you get started later in this article.

Eclipse 2017 Resources
NASA has a great website for Eclipse 2017 > has timely and relevant Eclipse 2017 information >

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