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The Difference Between Italian and Carniolan Honey Bees

Most people don’t realize that there are several different types of honey bees out there, which can make starting your hive a confusing process. You may have thought all honey bees were the same, but different species have specific traits and characteristics. Some species produce more honey, bigger hives, and some are more aggressive. Choose a species depending on your personal preferences. Most beekeepers in the US use Italian or Carniolan bees, and these are the species we carry at C-A-L Ranch. Each has its pros and cons.

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Five Ways to Use Your Old Jack O’ Lantern

Here at C-A-L Ranch, we love carving pumpkins as much as the next person. It’s one of those Halloween traditions we look forward to all year. Unfortunately, a Jack O’ Lantern starts to mold and stink up our doorsteps after a couple weeks. It won’t be long until we start seeing rotting Jack O’ Lanterns smashed across streets and sidewalks. Sure, smashing pumpkins is relatively harmless, but it’s not the best use of your old Jack O’ Lantern. Here are five economical ways to reuse and repurpose old Jack O’ Lanterns.

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How to Start a Compost Pile

Creating your own compost pile is a great way to add nutrients and helpful microorganisms to your soil, save money, and recycle waste. Composting is a great way to substitute fertilizer use, which is good not only for the environment but also for your wallet. September and October are the perfect months to start your compost pile; leaves are falling, garden vegetables are dying, and the holidays are about to provide us with more kitchen waste than we know what to do with. If correctly composted, you can use this material in the spring to fertilize your lawn and garden.

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Prepping Your Garden

Gardening is a tradition in many families. It’s a great way to save money on groceries, generate a little extra income, provide precious family time, and teach children the value of hard work and dedication. Few experiences are quite as satisfying as grilling vegetables or making meals with the food you grew in your very own backyard. Whether it’s corn on the cob, a fresh garden salad, or sauteed onions, knowing exactly where your produce came can be so rewarding.

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