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Winterizing a Push Lawn Mower

If you haven’t done this yet, the time is now! Failing to properly winterize your lawn mower can result in hundreds of dollars worth of repairs next season. So if you’ve been dragging your feet, you’d better get moving. Even if you’re storing your lawn mower in a garage, shed or basement, you need to winterize it. Don’t worry, though — winterizing your lawn mower is simple and easy. Here’s how you do it…

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How to Pick a Chainsaw

Winter’s coming up fast! For those of you in the Northern US, that might mean it’s time to start stacking your firewood. Is this your first time chopping wood for the winter? Are you planning on using an ax or manual saw? You might want to consider buying a chainsaw. We know purchasing your first chainsaw is an intimidating task. There are different kinds and each has a variety of sizes and styles. Here’s some tips you should read if you’re considering buying a chainsaw.

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