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Pioneer Youth Trek Supply List

Listen up, explorers! Whether you are gardening, camping, hunting, farming, fishing, homesteading, or just an outdoorsy type, C-A-L Ranch Stores has what you’re looking for! The purpose of this blog is to provide a sort of “packing list” for everything you might need while hiking–or trekking–through the great outdoors.

When you’re out in the elements, there are various items of importance.  Stay tuned while we cover the basics of what every adventurer needs.

When you spend time outdoors, hydration equals survival. Regardless of skill, experience, or fitness, hiking under the blazing sun can dehydrate you quickly and lead to more serious complications including heat stroke. C-A-L Ranch offers many types of water bottles! They come in different shapes, sizes, and varieties to help combat the negative effects of that sunshine we all love

Another item you want to bring along is sunscreen. No one enjoys a sunburn! It cuts down on your fun in the sun and can also lead to more serious complications later. To help prevent that, we have sunscreen to meet any requirements. Did you know that your lips can even get sunburned? Grab some lip balm/chap stick to help prevent that discomfort.

A sunburn is not the only burn you need to prepare for. Wind burns can be just as painful and irritating as a sunburn. Bandannas are a great companion to fight off the wind, dust, and bugs from attacking your face and getting into your mouth. C-A-L Ranch offers many options, functional and fashionable, in the bandanna department!

Being outdoors provides fresh air and beautiful sights but it also brings insects. No matter if you are an insect-lover or an insect-hater, bug spray is necessary to avoid bug bites. Insects can carry many diseases and cause unpleasant irritation to the skin. Be safe and avoid becoming a snack for insects by picking up a bottle of bug spray at your local C-A-L Ranch. Most importantly, do not forget to use it during your outdoor adventures.

Keep your body nourished by packing easily accessible snacks and food for your time outdoors. Prolonged physical activity is strenuous on the body. Being well-fed will help you stay active longer and be healthier, too. Granola bars, trail mix, and dehydrated foods are great snack items to have on hand that will keep you active!

Whether you are cleaning a fish or need to cut a rope, a pocket knife will come in handy while adventuring. C-A-L Ranch provides several types of pocket knives, depending on your specific wants and needs. Plus, if there are any small accidents with your pocket knife, C-A-L Ranch also carries first aid kits!

The weather can drastically change during the night. Packing a good quality sleeping bag is essential during those frigid night hours. Dressing in layers and with high-quality socks is also recommended because it is handy to have layers to take away or add when needed. Socks also provide support and protection for your feet against blistering and other injuries. Grab a poncho or two to avoid getting soaked to the bone on those rainy, gloomy days. Garbage bags provide a place for your trash to avoid littering, but they can also help shield your belongings from getting wet!

This packing list is quite long and you will be expected to carry all of what was mentioned and more by yourself. Backpacks or a 5-gallon bucket will provide you with plenty of room for your gear or whatever you might want to take along. Pick one up at your local C-A-L Ranch store along with all the other adventuring supplies on your list. If you need it, C-A-L Ranch has it.



Benefits of Eating Locally Harvested Honey

It’s no secret that honey is a great sweetener with benefits that sugar just can’t compete with. But did you know that raw honey — or locally harvested honey — can give you even more benefits than store-bought? We sure did! That’s why we’re bringing locally harvested honey into select C-A-L Ranch Stores. Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of eating locally harvested honey.

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Winter Chores & Activities that Burn Calories

Christmas and New Years have come and gone and winter will soon follow, leaving behind those added pounds from holiday parties, snacks, and treats. Motivation to exercise in the winter can be as low as the temperature! Luckily, though, you don’t need a treadmill in order to exercise. Here are some common chores and activities that will help you burn calories this winter.

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How to Choose a Hydraulic Oil

It pays to be picky when it comes to choosing a hydraulic fluid. Sure, your equipment may run on a less-than-optimal viscosity of hydraulic fluid; however, not using the best lubricant for your machine may shorten its life in the long run. Here’s the info you need to pick the best hydraulic oil for your machine.

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Heavy Duty Carhartt Coats to Keep You Warm

Winter can be harsh, but it shouldn’t slow you down. Whether you’re working out in the farm, tending the ranch, or just trying to survive winter without turning into an icicle, here are some great choices for winter coats from Carhartt. Known for their durability and sturdiness, these coats will get you through winter for years to come.

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How to Dispose of Your Live Christmas Tree

The radio stations have stopped playing Christmas music, the lights are coming down, and everyone’s getting ready for New Years celebrations. Meanwhile, that live Christmas tree you and your family had so much fun chopping down and decorating is becoming more of a fire hazard with every passing day. Need some simple suggestions on how to recycle or repurpose your Christmas tree? Read ahead for some out-of-the-box ideas to give your old Christmas tree new purpose.

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Exercising Your Dog in the Winter

The leaves finished falling a while ago. If you live in the north, you probably look outside to see a blanket of snow; in the south, the air is brisker and you’re probably spending more time indoors. Likewise, your dog isn’t enjoying the freedom of warm weather and long walks these days. Being cooped inside a house all winter can make your dog bored and anxious, and anxious dogs often act out by destroying your possessions. All dogs need to work out their energy during the day, but that’s hard to do when the temperature drops. Here’s some fun winter-oriented activities you can do with your dog to help keep entertained and in shape.

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How to Keep Your Live Christmas Tree Fresh

There’s nothing quite like a live Christmas tree. But the work isn’t done after you and the family chop it down, haul it home, and set it up. Live Christmas trees continue to dry out after you cut them down. Your tree will soon start to lose its needles and look a little less jolly. Here’s how you can extend the life of your Christmas tree and keep it looking bright and joyful during the holiday season.

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How to Maintain a Beehive

If you’re reading this, chances are you’re thinking about becoming a beekeeper. Beekeeping is a rewarding hobby, and it’s not as overwhelming as it seems. Not only does it help the environment by bolstering the bee population, but you get free honey out of it! Maintaining a beehive is a relatively simple process, from setting up the hive to harvesting the honey in the fall and keeping your bees alive through winter.

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